MSU Video Codecs Comparison
MSU Graphics & Media Lab (Video Group)

Project head: Dr. Dmitriy Vatolin
Testing, charts, analysis: Sergey Grishin
Translating: Daria Kalinkina, Stanislav Soldatov
Preparing: Nikolai Trunichkin


  • 9 testing sequences!
  • 11 days (260 hours) total compression time!
  • 33 tested codecs!
  • 190 pages of comparison report!
  • 2430 resulting sequences!
Download MSU Codec Comparison (all files in ZIP - 4.8 Mb).

Totally 32 available codecs were tested.
9 sequences with different characteristics were selected as test ones. To check all codecs on different bitrates we had to run them about 2.4 thousand times with different parameters! And in fact we had to test only default parameters here.
Total computational time was more that 11 days, and real time was more, because of errors , including codec ones.
As a result you can see the report below, which includes part (not all) of a received analytical data.
Obviously this report is not full and it will be revised when new codecs, data and analysis will be available.
Good luck!



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